Baby Blanket

I just finished making a baby blanket for a new grandbaby. They are so much fun to make. (I mean the blanket, although babies are fun to make too). This one is made with the yarn called jaquard because it's supposed to make a certain pattern of colors, but I was a little disappointed with the way the colors came out, it looked the same as  variegated colors to me. And since we already know it's a boy, there was a lot of pink in the colors, I thought more pink than blue, and it didn't look that way in the store, it's hard to tell until you get it crocheted up. Anyway, the pattern is very easy to do you just do 4 double crochets on the front post of the last row, then 4 double crochets on the back post of the last row. It makes the fabric very thick and sturdy to keep the baby warm. And since they live in Oklahoma, it should be a cold winter. The baby is due in Dec. I got the idea from a sweater shown in The Knitting & Crochet Bible, so I just made up a pattern for a blanket using this stitch.

That is Lucy  behind the blanket. She loves blankets, and wishes it was for her. Maybe next time.

Freeform Crochet

I really like the way freeform crochet looks when you put a whole bunch of scrumbles together. It is very time consuming, I see now why some of the projects are so hard to do, and why they charge so much money for them. They take forever! But I think it's worth it. I found a website I just can't get enough of, it called Prudence Mapstone  is the name of the person who makes all the wonderful scrumbles there, and she makes wall hangings, and purses and jackets, and lots of other things too.
Well, I made my first purse, and I am basically pretty happy with it, whenever I look at it, I can see more things I could have done to it, but it's finished now and I'm leaving it just the way it is.

Crochet Dollhouse Bedspread

This is my crocheted dollhouse bedspread. I found a picture of one like this in a dollhouse magazine, and I wanted to make one because I thought it was so cute.

This bedspread was very east to do. I just made little tiny granny squares with some fine size 20 crochet thread, then crocheted them together with black and put a border around it. It only took a couple of hours to make. I like the way it looks on the bed too, like a real afghan!

Crocheted Lamp Shade Cover

I finished this crocheted lamp cover quite a while ago, and it's been on my mind to blog about it. It is a very easy pattern to do. And it does not take much crochet thread to make. I might put it on Etsy if I can get some better pics of it. We got a new camera, and it takes me forever to figure out new tech things!!  Why can't they make them all the same?  Anyway, I would like to make this again, only with some different colors.  And how much should I charge for this?  I ordered some new crafts books and I can't wait to get them. Oh the inspiration! I need it. Right now I'm working on beaded, knitted coasters. Too much fun!

Needle Felt Alpaca

 I finally finished my needle felt alpaca. It's made with the alpaca wool that I got last month, and I'm really slow at making things lately!! Hopefully I can make some more little animals with the wool, but I would like to make something easier!!

Alpaca Fiber

 I was on Craigslist, looking for craft supplies, and I found an ad for 100 lbs. of free alpaca wool. I couldn't believe my good luck! But then I started wondering how much 100 lbs of wool is, and if I had room in my car for that much. So I called and asked if I could have less than 100 lbs of it, and the man was very nice, and said he would fill a large trash bag and leave it by his driveway for me. Believe me, it was enough!! I have never had raw wool before, and it really puffs up when it gets out of the bag..
The place is called All American Alpacas, it's in Menifee, CA, and they were giving away their seconds, which is perfect for needle felting, I can't wait to try it.
When I first opened the bag, the first thing that I noticed was the smell, not a bad smell, but it smelled like a farm, and my dog loved it. She dove right in, she rolled in it, and tried to pull pieces out of the bag, and drag all over the house! After I got her under control, I put the wool in 2 large tubs.
I got some white, brown, and black.

Then I spread out some for washing, and picked out all the sticks, and seeds, and pieces of junk.
Then I washed it. (I got all my directions from the internet)\

It washed up real nice, then I picked out more stuff from the wool.Then I carded it.

And I carded it some more.

And now its all finished and ready for needle felting. The wool is really soft and it doesn't smell anymore.It was a lot of work, but I'm happy with the results. 
I think I'm going to make an alpaca first.

Dollhouse Teddy Bear

I just finished making a needle felt doll house teddy bear. He was so much fun to make, and easy too. I like the way his face came out. He will look good in a doll house!

available at

Springtime Place Mats

These are my springtime pink and white placemats, they are crocheted flower motifs, they were very easy to make.

Crocheted Placemats

I made some placemats to put on Etsy, and I had a lot of trouble finding the crochet thread, because I guess Michaels isn't going to carry crochet thread anymore, and I don't know why.  They must not sell it much anymore, I guess crocheting is going out of style again. I like making thinks with the thread, they can be so dainty.
These placemats were very easy to make, and only took a couple of days to do.

Needle Felted Dashound

 I just finished my needle felted doxie, he turned out pretty good, I think each one is getting easier.  They take a lot of time though, but thats okay, I like felting, and watching their little faces come to look like a real dog. I'm still having trouble getting their head size to match their body size.  I can't decide what to felt next, maybe another dog? or something else?

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